“Your vibe speaks volumes louder than any words could ever speak.”

I already shared this photo on my personal facebook and my instagram.. but, I really felt like it needed to be shared all across the world wide interwebz.. because for real you guys, this kid is my best friend. When I showed him these matching hats he was 13x excited than I was upon first spotting them. He thinks it’s amazing that we match.. and that makes our winter hats even more rad than they already are.

My spawn is the coolest.


I’ve had a few people ask where I found these gems.. H&M! I pinned it below with the item link and what sizes we got in case you’re wondering which you should purchase.

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A little Throwback Thursday? Sure, why not.

I dont usually participate in the whole Throwback Thursday thing, but when I do..



Don’t try to beat it. You can’t. I’ll just go ahead aned stick with my exact quote that Facebook told me I wrote..

Sorry, but none of your kids are ever going to be cuter/funnier/cooler than [mine]. It’s okay – don’t get down on yourself about it – you did the best you could.

How did 2 years happen so fast? This was round 1 of our pumpkin decorating the other night (we still have at least 1 more session before they’ll be done).






Rumor has it that when we go to his best friend Rocco’s birthday party this weekend we’ll be CARVING pumpkins! This will be a FIRST for BOTH of us! Thankfully there will be some real adults there to supervise since this mama has no idea what she’s doing!



oh, ya, and this

mercari_fixed_imageIf you have the pleasure (?) of knowing me IRL then there’s no doubt you aware of my hoarder tendencies. I’d love to hold onto every piece of Riot’s clothing forever and ever, but I’ve come to terms with knowing he’ll be my only child..  there’s no reason for me to keep these kickass outfits any longer so if you digg our style now you’re just a few clicks away from having it. It’s really a win/win.. your kiddo gets to look way cool and in turn I get to buy homeboy some new gear because he’s growing faster than I can type this post. Real talk.

For a while I was doing great with selling what the boy had outgrown on TotSpot, but they’ve now been taken over by Poshmark and I just can’t get down with it. They charge sellers significantly more so you’re making nothing if you want to cash out and their selection of kids clothes simply sucks. Anyways, we’re up and selling on Mercari now! I have tons to sort through, photograph and post so keep checking back if you don’t see anything you love the first time you look. If you click on the image above it should redirect you right to our online closet to browse (and shop!!) Whether or not you end up buying something from me personally, use the code KXHMGH and you’ll get a $2 discount. I’m going to put a link for our closet on the sidebar too so you guys won’t have to look for this post after it’s buried under more of my stories.


Smell ya later!