If you have the absolute pleasure of knowing me IRL (.. or, no, not even.. I’m sure you’ve gathered just from what translates through this plastic internet bubble I live in..) than surely you know that I’m unapologetic with my choice of descriptive cuss word adjectives. There may have been a point at the beginning of Riot’s existence that it crossed my mind to attempt to filter out some of my most favorite words since, you know, I was now a mom and the rumor was that these kids copy everything you say. Clearly it was a fleeting thought between putting the cookies down and deciding which Dominos coupon would get me Cinnastix along with everything else I wanted.

The infographic right below this blurb is great for a point of reference.. So lets peak at that for a second.


Okay- now for a quick recap on where Riot was at around 12 months: yes, around 10-11 months he had said mama, dada, and pasta. And, good lord, that child never shut up. Noise. Constant. Noise. But, yea, other then those 3 words, you can forget everything else this chart says was supposed to be happening, because it was definitely not. The fact that he was not imitating any word sounds or trying to make an effort to speak my language was exactly what I said at his 15 month well-baby check up.. And wearing my Mama Bear War Paint, I made sure we walked out with a referral to see an SLP.

Just to be clear though, there was nothing alarming or some big red flag waving.. probably because whenever he uttered his last mama, dada, pasta just completely blurred in with his round the clock shouting, giggling, humming white noise that filled our home. And, at that time, I hadn’t been searching all over the interwebz for speech development timelines to cross reference; I just knew that there was either something up or he really just thought we had nothing in common to make small talk about everyday. (I’d be lying if I said that didn’t cross my mind quite a few times.)

okay, okay, okay,

let’s get to the point here!

ABA: That shit works. There’s no question about it. I know I suck and slacked on writing up anything about Riot’s team IFSP review meeting back in October, but I’ll just sum it up by saying his ABA provider recorded a video of him killin’ it during some discreet trial training and will be showing it to all of their new BCBAs they hire. Uh, yea, obviously here’s the part where I’m all LOOK AT HOW FUCKING RAD MY SON IS. Keep in mind that just over the summer he was still non-verbal.

OH and you know those little clickers that bouncers use to keep track of how many people are in a bar so they don’t go over capacity? Last week Riot’s team leader tells me that they are bringing one to a session next week to add up the words he’s mastered.. because  they suspect that that number has just suddenly launched over the 200 mark, in which case she’ll have to write all new programs and goals again to make sure he’s still as challenged as possible with learning.

200. like, what?

At his IFSP meeting on 10/28 he was at 39. This kid does not fuck around.


I swear I’m getting to the point of this post! We talk now! And joke around! And sing together! That stuff was always happening before, but mostly with me just looking even crazier than I am since I would just be carrying on the entire conversation by myself.. speaking for the both of us.

So, we were out getting stuff done today and I forgot that we had bought popsicles about 3 errands prior. Of course the second we walked in the door, my dude is in the kitchen asking very specifically for a “purple pop”. The half-melted ones. I distracted him for a few minutes with his iPad praying that they’ll beat science and be frozen again within the next 5 minutes. HA! 5 minutes! Riot gave me maybe 2 before he remembered I was supposed to be fetching him that popsicle. Now, he’s in my room. I’m in the kitchen. I tear open the wrapper and that damn half-melted purple pop went flying through the kitchen and landed with a SMACK on the floor as I laughed and yelled OH, SHIT!

I heard him running out to assess the damage. He spots the popsicle, locks eyes with me, and shouts..


and the biggest belly laugh that I joined in on.

Proud mama moment #9346782.

It was amazing.. Not because I’m happy that he swore..

..But because now I’m a mum with a child that copies everything she says.