Day One: Today Our ABA Adventure Begins!

Originally I had planned on getting the RRRIOTmama site a bit more situated before Riot’s first day doing ABA therapy, but I’m not stupid enough to think that anything I want to do can actually stay on a strict timeline with a dictator toddler in my home. SO, today crept up on me slightly faster than I anticipated… but I could not be more thrilled or excited for my little man’s first day with his new teachers/therapists. I want to make sure I get this initial post up about his first session, but I will backtrack later this week and fill you all in on how we even found out Riot was on the spectrum.

How many new things are you ready to learn?! THIS MANY new things!!
How many new things are you ready to learn?! THIS MANY new things!!

NOTE: To make this easier from here on out, I will just call them teachers, since that’s exactly what they are here to be, and I will refer to them by initials.. Because just like when you are at the bar, names don’t really matter, do they? Yea, no, they don’t. Also, I’m well aware that my apostrophes aren’t showing up. I assure you, they are there. It’s been a week since I bought (?) this website so you’d think I’d be a pro by now at coding, html, css, __insert random interwebz jargon__, BUT I am not. SO I will solve the apostrophe catastrophe at a later date.

We got ready for this morning just as we would any day. 100% last minute – rushing around cleaning up the house, eating breakfast while getting dressed and watching Bubble Guppies at the same time. Normally on Mondays only E will be here teaching him from 12-2:45, but today we hit the first day jackpot with her, V (his team coordinator), and M (his teacher from Early Intervention that he’s been seeing once a week since November). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely scared shitless that he’d have a meltdown and not be able to handle nearly 3 hours of structured playing/teaching, with some new people to boot. But, per usual, I am one proud mama. As I type this there are only 20 minutes left of his session and it has gone absolutely outstanding. I feel like today was my boy’s first day of college! I’ve been watching from the kitchen and I’m giddy thinking about all the new milestones he’s about to tackle. samuel_beckettE and V arrived together and Riot greeted them at the door. He now thinks that whenever our doorbell rings, whoever is there is going either be bearing a bag filled with educational toys to teach him or.. a pizza. (Sorry in advance for the disappointment and/or confusion on both of our faces when you show up to hang out empty handed.) He ushered them into our living room and took a quick inventory of what E was.. packing.. in her bag, saw that she brought that real good stuff (a bubble wand) and decided they could stay.

Today went even better than I could’ve imagined. When he was clearly getting hungry and wanting to nap, he didn’t get cranky, didn’t play the toddler card and start acting like a lunatic or feral animal.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and welcoming all of the positive vibes in hopes that tomorrow and the rest of this week go equally as well! 

If you’re a mum, you know the odds are not in my favor. Toddlers are a completely unpredictable species and have hundreds of different personalities. Their poker faces are flawless. Do not trust them. You never know what you are going to get.

V is his team coordinator so she mostly asked me questions and had me sign a bunch of consent forms. She noted what sign language Riot used regularly and unprompted. I specifically chose this Autism Specialty Service provider because of the amount of data they collect and the training they make sure to do with the parents as well so that even when his teachers aren’t here, he never stops being taught whatever it is they’re currently working on. They’ve already written up a thorough goal list for Riot and it’ll be reviewed every 3 months. If at that review he hasn’t met X number of goals, they switch up their teaching approach to ensure by the next review they’ll have a better outcome.

Tomorrow we’ll be back at it bright and early. Two sessions: 9-12 and 2-3:30. Riot rarely wakes up before 10am since he is a well adjusted teenager. Peeling him out of bed at 8am for breakfast should be a total shit show!



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