Girl, get in touch!


Do you have a.. spirited.. child too? A little wild one? Newly diagnosed ASD spawn, overwhelmed with information, and sitting on your bathroom floor crying, eating a pizza by yourself? Shoot me an email if you have questions or just want to bitch about it. We’ve all been there. I might not be able to answer any questions you have, but I’m nearly certain I’ll be able to make you laugh, and at the very least, tell you a few stories from my past to remind you that your life could be a hell of a lot worse. 

If anyone needs their sink fixed, I know the world’s okayest plumber and he’s looking for side work.


If you’ve been in the game for a while now and ever see me post anything that is inaccurate, please get in touch with me and fill me in! Knowledge is power!

Oh, and if you’re cool, I’m always down for making new online mom friends.



Introduce yourself and say what you need to say!