Driving Me Insane & Breaking My Heart

As much as I’ve wanted to write up something new every day to share on RRRIOTmama, there are only so many posts you can write about “oh, ya, more progress!”.. Not only does it take away from the excitement, but unless it’s your kid it’s happening to.. It’s obviously not all that exciting to keep hearing about. And then the past two days happened.

I think I’ve mentioned this before – I obviously never forget that Riot is autistic, BUT where he is considered “high functioning autistic” and made so much progress over this past year, we don’t experience nearly as many symptoms as a lot of autism families do. Because of that, when out of nowhere there are two consecutive incredibly difficult days with Riot, it has me feeling so emotionally and physically drained.

I feel horrible saying this (and I’m sure other autism mums can relate), but he drove me insane the past few days. As soon as he went to his dad’s this evening I instantly missed him, but at the same time felt like “oh, thank god!” But these two consecutive days were polar opposites. Yesterday he was up my ass and needed constant sensory input. Not only was he being a typical toddler wanting me to play with him every second of the day, but he was SO clingy, wanted me to squeeze him, wrestle with him, touch touch touch! There was NO personal space. He came into the bathroom and sat on my lap while I was peeing. He bit me 5 times and then instantly said sorry and kissed where he bit because he knows that’s absolutely not cool and that it hurts me.. But in that very moment it was something that he needed to do for whatever reason for him to self-regulate. I was short and snappy with him all day and then at the same time felt so bad because I knew he was just having a day where he was feeling more of his autism symptoms than he normally does.

And then there was today. Today was so draining. At all times I was constantly feeling annoyed, frustrated, heartbroken, sad, defeated, then frustrated all over again. Today was nothing like yesterday. He absolutely did not want to be touched. There were many things that he wanted, but couldn’t tell me what they were. He was hungry, but shot down all of his favorites. I finally got him to eat a popscicle.. But then he decided to touch it with his finger and when the tip of his finger then had purple popsicle he lost his shit and wanted nothing to do with it anymore.

How dare that popsicle?! So rude!

Then he unwrapped his second One Week Until Christmas Countdown book. He loved it! (mom win!) Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse Christmas. But then I did something out of line and offered to read it to him. All hell broke loose.

Uhhhh sorry for trying to be an okay’ish mom by asking you if you’d like me to read you a Christmas story? A simple “no” would’ve been just fine, but instead you would’ve thought I took the book away, told him I gave all of his Christmas presents away and threw out all of the toys he owns. And that I was never going to feed him again. And he had to sleep on the tile floor from now on. And he was never allowed to use the iPad or watch TV again.
He looked at me so offended and then instantaneous hysterical crying combined with dramatically running away from me into our bedroom. But then also running back out periodically to make sure I was still the asshole mom that offered to read a new book to her son. Yup. I still existed. So he’d burst into tears again and run off, closing the door behind him. This went on for just over an hour and then it was silence. I walked to the bedroom to find him in bed, lights off, watching something on YouTube. I hated that I needed to interrupt this peaceful moment, but his dad was en route to pick him up and we needed to get him ready.

It’s not abnormal for Riot to fight me on changing his diaper. It’s actually hit or miss.. He will either lay down on the floor for me to change it with no questions or it’s like chasing/capturing a rabid animal. Sounds like an exciting gamble, huh? But, like everything today, this particular diaper change and needing to get dressed war was amplified by 12. Like a bandit, I got the dirty off fairly quickly. Then he transformed into a crazy, hysterical, naked, screaming toddler running away from me whenever I got within 5 ft of him. He was sobbing. Normally reminding him that he’s getting ready to go out or telling him it’s because daddy is on his way to get him is enough to to reel him back into being as rational as a toddler can be so he can be okay with the diaper change/picking out a shirt/getting dressed/shoes/socks/jacket/hat.

At one point he darted away from me and I found him “hiding” from me in the farthest corner of the pitch black bedroom while he continued to sob. This was a first. It broke my heart. As downright infuriating as it can be dealing with a defiant, angry toddler, it brings me to tears not knowing or being able to figure out what my boy needs when he’s this kind of distressed all day. Just one meltdown after another. It makes me feel so defeated. Ugh. Damn. I know there’s not much more I can do other than give him his space so he can figure out what he needs to do in order to calm down, but there’s nothing worse as a mom than seeing your kid bawling their eyes out, trying to catch their breath, and not being able to give them a hug or even kneel down next to him without making the situation way worse.

The end of that story is when dad arrived he had to come inside for backup. Riot never stopped crying, but daddy was able to get him dressed and out. When I closed the door behind them I heard Riot continue to cry and say “mummy.. mummy.. mummy” even though he had just spent the past hour not allowing me to be near him. Then I cried for a few minutes, obviously.


WOW. Okay. Let’s wrap this post up on a happier note! For 3 Christmas seasons now we’ve instilled the tradition that each night the week leading up to Christmas Riot get’s to unwrap one new book. Yesterday was the first day this year for him to unwrap a One Week Until Christmas Countdown book and he got Elmo’s 12 Days Of Christmas. Huge hit. He thought it was dying laughing at me as I was tripping all over the words by the last page. Today he got Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse Christmas. He was loving flipping through it and pointing out all of the characters. (Obviously we still haven’t read it yet.)

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With today being the biggest contact sport shopping day of the year.. dun dun dun..  Black Friday.. The official countdown to whatever holiday(s) you buy presents for has started. I only participated in said event once in my life and then determined it was absolutely not for me. Some family members and close friends have already started asking me for gift suggestions for Riot this Christmas.. Other than his obsession with Thomas, he really loves just about anything that gives him the sensory input he craves. He’s a Sensory Seeker. There are many children like him.. Some that are autistic, some with SPD, and some that are neurotypical. They come in all shapes and sizes.

This is the most simplified way to determine what flavor of sensory processor you’re working with and what they need to self-regulate (and to have fun, duh!):

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Everyone knows a kid that’s a sensory seeker.. So, instead of really taking a shot in the dark when picking out a gift for them, I compiled a pretty kickass list to guide you straight to the top of Best Christmas Present Ever status. You literally can’t go wrong with anything on here. I’ve included everything from indoor trampolines and platform swings for outside, to play dough, foam soap, and little stocking stuffers that these kiddos can’t get enough of. Trust me. Well.. trust Riot – he’s my inside sourceAHEM.




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If you’re trying to figure out WTF all of this sensory jargon means, I’ve put some links at the bottom of this post that helped me *get* it a bit more. I think..

Have suggestions that have been a major hit at your house? PLEASE comment below or shoot me an email and fill me in so I can add it to the list and run the idea past Riot!

If you found any of this helpful or know someone that will, share share share! The more people that understand the plight of sensory seekers, the less unhappy, unraveling, rabid, wild children we’ll have on the streets!

And of course I can’t go an entire post without any mention of the boy! I’m so pumped to have some juicy, goal stuffed post by the end of next week! We have his one year Early Intervention re-evaluation on Wednesday morning to recap the past year’s off the charts progress and line up what the next plans will be!

Perfect the ABCs? Learn code? Fly to the moon?

SPOILER ALERT: All of the above.

Have a successful Black Friday! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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“Your vibe speaks volumes louder than any words could ever speak.”

I already shared this photo on my personal facebook and my instagram.. but, I really felt like it needed to be shared all across the world wide interwebz.. because for real you guys, this kid is my best friend. When I showed him these matching hats he was 13x excited than I was upon first spotting them. He thinks it’s amazing that we match.. and that makes our winter hats even more rad than they already are.

My spawn is the coolest.


I’ve had a few people ask where I found these gems.. H&M! I pinned it below with the item link and what sizes we got in case you’re wondering which you should purchase.

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Peppa Pig & Family Toy Review: Real vs. Knockoff 

I want to preface this entire post by apologizing in advance if you’re reading from a mobile device right now. Weeks ago I was half asleep and did something that royally messed up my margins and mobile appearance.. and I don’t dare f*ck with the coding because things will only get worse. ugh.

imageI know I’ve mentioned here a million times that Riot is an aspiring YouTube toy reviewer.. And I fully support his dreams! Cause, you know, child-stars have such high rates of success stories, ha!

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Anyways, in the past 24 hours we accidentally ended up with doubles of a toy (Peppa Pig figurines) because this mama spaced out and completely forgot that weeks ago she ordered them online.. and then also purchased the same Peppa toys yesterday during, what I call, a blackout Targeét shopping sesh. oops! I cannot be held accountable for my actions during a blackout at Targeét.

Wish.com is one of the many MYSTERIOUS, way-too-good-to-be-true-appearing online stores that is always taunting me In facebook’s designated adspace SCATTERED THROUGH my feed.


I never even bother checking out the clothing shops because I know what I’ll receive is absolute shit that hardly appears to be the same garment as the website’s photo. But, for whatever reason, a few weeks ago something made me venture onto www.wish.com and let me tell you.. If you’re like me and LOVE dollar stores, you will LOVE wish.com. What could possibly be better than endless dollar-storesque shopping FROM YOUR BED?! Ugh 😍.

..searched for an image that expressed my love for dollar stores.. found this and it's PERFECT!
..searched for an image that expressed my love for dollar stores.. found this and it’s PERFECT!

I digress. So, Riot is really into figurines right now which is awesome because they’re great for pretend play. We recently aquired Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy off of Zulily for fairly cheap (they sold out so I linked to amazon).. some Minions out of blind bags, and today, a double dose of Peppa! On my wish.com binge a few weeks ago I could’ve sworn I ended up settling my internal conflict and ordering Paw Patrol figurines.. but, apparently I didn’t ’cause Peppa Pig & Familyarrived in the mail seconds after I couldn’t possibly wait until Christmas and gave Riot his new Peppa Pig & Family from yesterday’s Targeét haul.


QUICK SIDENOTE: If anyone knows where I can get a Daisy Duck figurine to go along with our set (or if you have one kicking around that wouldn’t be missed) please leave a comment at the end of this post to fill me in! Riot is a big Daisy fan and keeps interrogating me wondering why Zulily didn’t think she was good enough to be included.


Ahem.. and now rrriotmama.com’s very first toy review

Peppa Pig & Family Figurine Toys:

Real (I found afterwards Amazon was slightly cheaper)



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The picture above.. those pigs are the real deal. They’re great. Riot was so stoked when he opened them this morning and didn’t stop playing with them the entire day. Mommy Win. I didn’t realize when I purchased them that these little piggies have movable arms, legs, and heads.. which make them even cooler than his Mickey crew. The little legs make a huge difference on the real Peppa Pig & Family set.. These figurines stand up without a problem, despite how unfortunately awkward their body types are, AND the legs together fold down and click into position so that they can all sit down without wobbling or falling over! Pretty rad.  Other than the obvious lack of attention to detail with colors and physical appearance, the legs were the biggest quality difference between the real thing and the wish.com imposters.

(..in the above photo the guys standing on the box are the brand name set..) So, yea, LEGS. Huge difference. The wannabees DO NOT stand up at all. Not even for a second. Sitting down is hit or miss.. Unless you’re extra careful they usually just flop over.  The legs dont click into place for standing upright or sitting down. And details! Fake Peppa’s family’s legs are all black vs. Real Peppa’s pink legs with black booties.

©2016 RRRIOTmama

FAKE Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig are WAY bigger than the real guys. How Rude! But, knockoff Peppa and George are slightly smaller?.. Riddle me that, China.

©2016 RRRIOTmama

©2016 RRRIOTmama

I’m a stickler for color details and I have been my entire life so even as a child this would’ve made me twitch a bit. The exaggerated, dark, drug-addict-like circles around fake George Pig and Peppa Pig’s eyes kill me. The other color differences I guess are passable if they aren’t al hanging out in the same room, but the eyes, man.. I can’t. I guess Riot is far less judgmental than me.. trotting around with his safety pin on his shirt like he’s better than me.. because he treated them all as equals. Loved them and abused them all just the same. Both Pig Families got along great with the Mickey Mouse gangand before I knew it things were poppin off at Knapford Station.

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Real talk.. $2 plus an extra $1 for shipping.. how could you go wrong?! They are absolutely perfect for being the set that’ll get thrown in my bag and used as bribery when we’re out and about. The real Pigs are definitely worth the few extra dollars though.. remember the legs and those god awful eye circles?!

oh, oh, oh, and one last difference: nothing says I’M AN IMPOSTER like a squishy head. It’s like they’re wearing rubber halloween masks to rob a bank.

Whether your kid is into Peppa or not, I hope this helps you out if you’re on the fence about spending some extra money or being okay with sacrificing some details. I know I’ll be wasting spending a lot  more time having dollar store shopping sprees from my couch because wish.com is like a gold mine!

Don’t forget to comment below if you know where I can find a Daisy Duck without buying some massive set OR if you are just so rad that you want to gift us the one that’s laying around your house not getting enough love!

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A little Throwback Thursday? Sure, why not.

I dont usually participate in the whole Throwback Thursday thing, but when I do..



Don’t try to beat it. You can’t. I’ll just go ahead aned stick with my exact quote that Facebook told me I wrote..

Sorry, but none of your kids are ever going to be cuter/funnier/cooler than [mine]. It’s okay – don’t get down on yourself about it – you did the best you could.

How did 2 years happen so fast? This was round 1 of our pumpkin decorating the other night (we still have at least 1 more session before they’ll be done).






Rumor has it that when we go to his best friend Rocco’s birthday party this weekend we’ll be CARVING pumpkins! This will be a FIRST for BOTH of us! Thankfully there will be some real adults there to supervise since this mama has no idea what she’s doing!



oh, ya, and this

mercari_fixed_imageIf you have the pleasure (?) of knowing me IRL then there’s no doubt you aware of my hoarder tendencies. I’d love to hold onto every piece of Riot’s clothing forever and ever, but I’ve come to terms with knowing he’ll be my only child..  there’s no reason for me to keep these kickass outfits any longer so if you digg our style now you’re just a few clicks away from having it. It’s really a win/win.. your kiddo gets to look way cool and in turn I get to buy homeboy some new gear because he’s growing faster than I can type this post. Real talk.

For a while I was doing great with selling what the boy had outgrown on TotSpot, but they’ve now been taken over by Poshmark and I just can’t get down with it. They charge sellers significantly more so you’re making nothing if you want to cash out and their selection of kids clothes simply sucks. Anyways, we’re up and selling on Mercari now! I have tons to sort through, photograph and post so keep checking back if you don’t see anything you love the first time you look. If you click on the image above it should redirect you right to our online closet to browse (and shop!!) Whether or not you end up buying something from me personally, use the code KXHMGH and you’ll get a $2 discount. I’m going to put a link for our closet on the sidebar too so you guys won’t have to look for this post after it’s buried under more of my stories.


Smell ya later!