Hi! I’m Chelsea, 29/f/MA. Stay-at-home-mum to my 2 year old boy, Riot. I wouldn’t call myself a full fledged crunchy mama, but I’m definitely more crunchy than.. for lack of better terminology, a default setting mom.  In our house we love music, getting crazy, staying up past our bedtime, pizza, and trollin’ the local playgrounds for fun and new potential friends. I fancy myself quite the comedian. I’m also really great at playing the tambourine and singing Paramore and Alanis Morissette covers for karaoke.

I’m a stickler for grammar and punctuation so it’ll drive me absolutely insane if I don’t make it very clear that I’m aware my apostrophes aren’t showing up in my posts. I’m still working on mastering the whole interwebz stuff.

This next section I originally planned to delete all together. But, here I am, editing the page and just decided it’ll stay. You can’t just delete your past. And besides, I still like the story even though it’s not my story anymore. I’m now a single mum, figuring it all out, and embracing starting new things in life. (That sounds like I’ve got it all under control, right? lolol becuase what I really mean is now I’m a single mum and even though it’s been 3 months at least once a day I say out loud to myself oh my god, what the fuck am I going to do now that I’m a single mom?! Riot and I are making it work though. For me, this is how under control as I’m ever going to get it!) Feel free to get in touch with me if you ever have a question, comment, or just think I seem really cool and you want to chat. At the bottom of the page there’s a contact form. Use that. Now, enjoy the preface to RRRIOTmama..


Mum & Dad

Oh my God, Dana, we are PARENTS!

We have big, intense personalities. We are artists and musicians. We are rebellious and incredibly hard workers. We are the people our friends call when they need to go out and have more fun than they should. We love hard. We are strong willed and opinionated parents. We do not take “no” for an answer. We named our boy RIOT and it could not be more fitting for our family.

A rare moment where I was able to snap a selfie without my little homeboy trying to snatch my phone.
A rare moment where I was able to snap a selfie without my little homeboy trying to snatch my phone.

Our story only starts a year or so before our baby boy joined us earthside. Dana and I have had a wild ride. A whirlwind romance.. If a whirlwind romance felt like winning the lottery and being in the middle of a mosh pit at the same time. rhonna-collage

Yes, that is absolutely Riot being torn from my gut.

And just like that.. We became a pretty rad party of 3.

And, in case you’re new here (and nosey like me) and want to know a little bit about the breakup, click here for that post; it’s called THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

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